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Hotel Doorbell Products

hotel doorbell do not disturb make up room

Hotel Room Digital Door Plate

hotel doorbell do not disturb make up room

Hotel Doorbell Indoor Panel

hotel doorbell do not disturb make up room

Doorbell Set

hotel doorbell do not disturb make up room

Online System

energy saver switch


hotel doorbell do not disturb make up room

Touch Panel


Our Experience

We have started 12 years ago with standard touch-operated products.
We had brainstorms about how we can solve the ongoing standard “Do not disturb” problems and how we can comfort and relieve companies in the service sector.Finally, a digital system has emerged.
With the contributions of this very sophisticated system, misunderstandings and customer complaints left their places to appreciation.
At first, everyone suggested that such a system would be highly costly. However, we could foresee the future of this system and we offered that it will be capable of sponsoring its costs over the years. Thanks to this system; hotels are facing fewer customer complaints, waste of paper is disappearing and cleaning costs are getting reduced.
Now, this system has become indispensable and even irreplaceable. Of course, we are not like we were in the first days of our business, we are constantly improving our products. We benefit from customer experiences and we offer products that are increasingly foremost.
We produce products suitable for all conditions and our products are very popular not only for hotels but also for residences and hospitals. With our 20 years of experience and 12 years of expertise in the industry, we have been providing professional services and we will continue to offer even more…


We offer you flexibility in hotel doorbell products.
Changeable dimensions and icons, led warning lights with various colors, illuminated logo and namespace
touch bell button, metal frame or glass finish.
Easy wiring and operation, long life use.
Combo saver and doorbell frame in indoor units, touch illumination button attachment on the combo panel
metal frame colors, tempered glass surface in all our products for space saving and stylish appearance.

Hotel Logo & Name Area

Room Numbers Area

Indicators Area

Touch Button Bell

Changeable Frames

Or Glass finish

Changeable Led Colors

Changeable Indicators

Type Features or Quantity

Changeable Dimensions



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    • Dimensions : 85x85mm
    • Color : Available
    • Power: 40Amp.
    • Delay : 15-20 Sn.
    • Glass Frame